If you want to avoid installing packages you can launch a docker container with scar installed. Please check the SCAR container section.

SCAR requires python3, pip3 and a configured AWS credentials file in your system. More info about the AWS credentials file can be found here.

You have to options when installing SCAR. You can use pip3 or you can clone the GitHub repository and install the required dependencies.

Install using pip3

  1. Update setuptools to the latest version (or at least to version >= 40.8.0) with:

    pip3 install -U setuptools
  2. Install SCAR using the PyPI package with the command:

    pip3 install scar

    This will also creates an script in your local bin folder so you can execute the scar commands directly like: scar ls

Clone the Github Repository

  1. Clone the GitHub repository:

    git clone
    cd scar
  2. Install the Python required dependencies automatically with the command:

    pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  3. Execute the SCAR cli with the command:

    python3 scar/ ...
  1. (Optional) Define an alias for easier usability:

    alias scar='python3 `pwd`/scar/'

Extra dependencies

The last dependencies need to be installed using the package manager of your distribution (apt in this case):

sudo apt -y install zip unzip