SCAR container

Other option to use SCAR is to create the container with the binaries included or to use the already available image with the packaged binaries installed from grycap/scar. Either you want to build the images from scratch or you want to use the already available image you will need Docker installed in your machine.

Building the SCAR image

All the steps needed to build the SCAR image are defined in the Dockerfile available at the root of the project. You only need to execute:

docker build -t scar -f Dockerfile .

This command creates a scar image in your docker repository that can be launched as:

docker run -it -v $AWS_CREDENTIALS_FOLDER:/home/scar/.aws -v $SCAR_CONFIG_FOLDER:/home/scar/.scar scar

With the previous command we tell Docker to mount the folders required by SCAR (~/.aws and ~/.scar) in the paths expected by the binary. Launching the container with the command described above also allow us to have different configuration folders wherever we want in our host machine.

Once we are inside the container you can execute SCAR like another system binary:

scar init -n scar-cowsay -i grycap/cowsay

scar run -n scar-cowsay

Request Id: 91e8afb6-8f19-11e8-9167-bd8a0b8b0f78
Log Group Name: /aws/lambda/scar-cowsay
Log Stream Name: 2018/07/24/[$LATEST]08444e77d6a14b09a47de0d5e4af5fa8
< Quick!! Act as if nothing has happened! >
        \   ^__^
         \  (oo)\_______
            (__)\       )\/\
                ||----w |
                ||     ||

scar ls

-----------  --------  ------  -------------  ---------
scar-cowsay       512     300  grycap/cowsay  -

scar rm -n scar-cowsay